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EHS Practice Group Enrollment

EHSPractice is steadfast in its commitment to advancing OSHA’s regulations for workplace safety and firmly believes that prioritizing a healthful work culture is crucial for all companies and industries within the United States.

To become successful in our mission of promoting workplace safety across all workplaces, we offer Big Discounts on bulk enrollment in OSHA Safety Training Courses.

We aim to equip entry-level and experienced workers, such as safety officers and supervisors, with essential on-site safety expertise and knowledge. Hence, we invite workers from all backgrounds and businesses of all sizes to register their teams in OSHA Online Courses through the Bulk Enrollment Option, take advantage of inclusive discounts, and improve workplace safety cost-effectively.

Discounts on Bundle Deals Await You

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What are the Benefits of Getting Bundle Deals?

Tailored LMS: You get to access a custom-built LMS that provides individual login credentials to cater to the online training requirements of the participants, improving the effectiveness of their OSHA online training journey.

Free Study Guides: Our detailed and course-specific study guides, provided as downloadable PDFs, cover the key learning objectives within each module, thus allowing participants to prepare for quizzes and the final exam effortlessly.

Affordable Training: Whether you’re a business interested in enrolling multiple workers or an individual buyer, you can shrink your training budget by taking advantage of generous discounts on OSHA Safety Courses.

Effective Administration: All trainees’ Training and learning progress can be seamlessly handled and observed, including the downloadable OSHA certificates, all from a single account. Specific changes can also be made, such as adding or removing trainees during fluctuations in staffing levels.

Diverse OSHA Courses: Various OSHA Training Courses are available for participants, each designed to cover crucial safety topics based on OSHA standards pertinent to specific industries and job roles.

Commit to Workplace Safety as a Team

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Grab the Bundle Deal: Begin Your Safety Career

Visit the Sign Up Page and provide your personal information, including your first name, last name, email address, and phone number. Besides, choose the account type you’d like to continue with.

Individual Account:

Free Course: Kickstart your online training journey by availing of the free course of your choice to gain insight into the format and quality of our eLearning platform, as per our commitment.

Purchase More Courses: You can expand your learning by obtaining more OSHA courses at discounted rates that align with your industry and job needs.

Profile & Orders: Manage your profile by updating it when convenient, and easily monitor your orders.

Business Account:

Add Trainees: Create distinct trainee profiles for each trainee enrolled by providing their account and contact info, including username, email, password, address, and phone number. Send the login information to each trainee to enable their access to OSHA Safety Training.

Buy Courses: You can purchase the training courses as per the number of trainees enrolled and assign each course, including the bonus courses, to your trainees individually.

Courses Progress: As a manager, you can track the learning progress of each trainee by assessing their status and activity.

Orders: Maintain order records by double-checking the purchase date and order details for each course you’ve purchased and assigned to your trainees.

Contact Information

For any questions or assistance with bulk enrollment, our dedicated customer support team is here to assist.

Phone: (888) 305-9791

Email: [email protected]