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Anyone working in the construction business should take this 30-hour OSHA Construction Outreach Training.
30 HRS
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Our Imperative Safety Training is Anywhere Anytime

The world is growing so fast, and nations are eager to build their histories and renovate buildings to show their heritage. Due to this, the construction industry is continuously evolving. But we all know there are loads of things that need to be taken into account when talking about the construction industry, including employees’ safety and health concerns. Every year thousands of hazardous incidents, accidents, and fatalities occur in the workplace. So, it is crucial to consider occupational Safety and Health training.

As per the OSHA federal agency, employees and employers should enroll in the online OSHA 30 Construction course and make this course mandatory for everybody. OSHA aims to educate employees with sufficient safety training, so they can gauge the tactics for overcoming the hazardous situation. At EHS Practice, we are offering an OSHA 30-Hour course at highly affordable pricing. We instruct our candidates about safety-related topics. It doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie to the construction industry or a manager; getting 30 Hour Construction Outreach course holds the utmost importance.

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What Actually OSHA 30 Means?

The OSHA 30 Construction online is a safety training course that is designed to provide imperative safety training knowledge to workers, laborers, and supervisors. However, this course is specially created for individuals who work in the construction industry, maritime, or general industry. At EHS Practice, we offer OSHA 30 to develop a thorough understanding of safety regulations, workplace hazards, and the best techniques to prevent accidents and injuries.

However, this course is developed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in the United States. This online training program is mandatory for every organization and employee to make a secure and confident workplace. The U.S. agency makes standardized laws and regulations to enforce OSHA training. In case any organization does not consider its laws and does not apply at their job sites, they will be charged with high penalties. Bear in mind, an OSHA-certified trainer has a chance to file a complaint against those firms who violate OSHA laws.

The Key Features of Our OSHA 30 course

At EHS Practice, we assure that our training must be friendly and effective as well. Our cheapest OSHA 30-Hour Construction course covers a wide variety of topics. Whether you want to take individual classes or consider group enrollment, our safety training course will be your best bet. However, here we also discuss the key features of our OSHA 30-Hour course.

Time Duration

The OSHA 30 requires a time of 30 hours. A candidate must spend 30 hours to complete their whole safety and health training. According to the OSHA, an applicant is allowed to spend only 7.5 hours a day which means you have three to four days to complete your training successfully.

We, at, consider the busy and hectic schedule which is why you are allowed to finish your OSHA training in six months. You can take your classes when it is feasible for you. There will be no location or time boundary. When you are at your pace, just log in with your credentials and start taking your classes.

Targeted Audience

OSHA 30-Hour Outreach Training Program is typically created for workers who are in managerial positions or supervisors or have some safety responsibility. For those who want to get more in-depth knowledge regarding security, safety, and health-related concerns, the OSHA 30-Hour Construction course should be your go-to option. If you receive your OSHA 10-hour training and thinking about whether you enroll in OSHA 30 Construction or not, you are allowed to get OSHA 30 training programs as well.

Certification Time

Participants who have completed their OSHA 30 training course will be rewarded with the OSHA 30 Card which is also known DOL Card. This card is provided by the Department of Labor, and it clarifies that a person gets a certified safety training course online from the authorized platform. However, getting your certification right after your course completion is not possible, you have to wait for 15 days on average to receive your wallet-sized DOL card from OSHA.

We, at EHS Practice, consider your concern which is why we provide you with printable OSHA certification immediately when you complete your course. Through electronic email, our authorities will send you a provisional certificate. You can easily print it out and use it as a DOL card unless you receive it from a federal agency.

Training Curriculum

The course offered at EHS Practice is authorized and accredited by OSHA. Our safety training policies, instructions, strategies, and frameworks all lie under the laws and regulations of Occupational Safety and Health Administration training.

Once you enroll in our OSHA 30 Outreach training, you will tap into a world that is full of safety information. You will find uncountable PDFs, notes, resources, and eBooks that can help you to increase your knowledge and skills. Our panel of experienced trainers gathers real-world scenarios to elaborate on every aspect thoroughly to strengthen problem-solving skills.


OSHA 30-Hour Outreach course refers to the different types of safety training online programs that have a course duration of 30 Hours and are quite detailed.

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Different Segments of OSHA 30 Hour Outreach course

We are covering a variety of health and safety topics. But, here we mention some of them to show how we segmented our safety training to improve your skills and ability to overcome hazardous situations and build the safest organization.

Let’s have a look!

Segment #1 – Introduction to OSHA

Segment #2 – Fall Protection/Slips/Trips

Segment #3 – How to secure from Electrical Hazard

Segment #4 – Things to require for Excavation & Trenching

Segment #5 – Proper Selection of Personal Protective Equipment

Segment #6 – Hazard Communication such as safety data sheets, labeling, etc.

Segment #7 – Tool & Equipment Safety

Segment #8 – Proper Material Handling & Storage

Segment #9 – Fire Prevention & Protection

Segment #10 – Identify Confined Spaces

Segment #11 – Practicing to use Cranes & Hoists

Segment #12 – Welding & Cutting Safety

And more to go!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The online OSHA 30 Construction course is suitable for individuals with no prior construction experience. The program is created to deliver the most comparative and comprehensive knowledge regarding the safety of individuals who work in the construction industry. No matter that they have experience in this industry or not, OSHA 30-Hour construction safety course is for everyone.

The OSHA 30-Hour construction industry outreach program is especially for workers who have started their careers in the construction industry and looking forward to it. This program is provided by Occupational Safety and Health Administration which focuses on providing security training to employees and instructs them on how to take preventions from any hazardous situation. Whereas, other OSHA training programs refer to different industries such as the general industry; it considers needs and possesses unique characteristics.

The specific safety topics and regulations covered in our OSHA 30 are mentioned below;

  • Introduction to OSHA
  • Fall protection
  • Electrical Safety
  • Excavation & Trenching
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Hazard communication
  • Tool & equipment safety
  • Material Handling
  • Fire prevention & protection
  • Confined Spaces
  • Cranes & Hoists
  • Welding & cutting safety

It typically takes to a maximum of 3 to 4 days if you spend 7.5 credit hours daily. However, it also depends upon your training schedule. But if you take the OSHA 30-Hour Construction online you have six months to complete your training.

After completing the OSHA 30-hour construction online training you will immediately receive a provisional OSHA certification through email. However, for an official DOL card, you must wait for 15 days.

The process of verifying the authenticity of an online OSHA 30-Hour Construction Industry Outreach certificate is so simple but tricky. You have to follow the steps that mention below;

  • Make sure the online training provider offers OSHA-Approved courses.
  • Check the list of OSHA outreach training providers set by the official OSHA website.
  • Check their certification detail.