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Affordable NY OSHA 10-Hour Construction (Spanish) in $49

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Information on employee rights, employer responsibilities and preventing workplace hazards are all covered in this program.
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Our Carefully Planner Safety Training Course Available In New York (Spanish)

Do you know why we are focusing on safety training courses? Why do people need to get safety training and improve their work environment? If you are working in the construction industry and have little experience in it, you know how many people survived serious injuries, and some of them lost their lives. This is the foremost reason; the Occupational Safety and Health Administration developed a safety and health-related training course that teaches workers, laborers, supervisors, and more, about the measures and tactics to protect from any kind of hazardous situation.

At EHS Practice, we are here to let you instruct about OSHA regulations and safety measures. We are the most reputable and recognized online safety training provider. We have created a panel of experienced OSHA instructors who work hard to deliver comprehensive safety techniques to our candidates. We guarantee that our participants will be equipped with modern OSHA safety skills and abilities and be able to face different challenges. However, we have an amazing partnership, so we are offering OSHA-authorized courses. Our OSHA New York Spanish construction course is completely online. So, you can learn construction safety training at your own pace.

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Empower Your Confidence with OSHA 10-Hour Construction In New York (Spanish)

How OSHA 10-Hour New York Construction Training Will Help You?

The OSHA 10-hour training is an in-depth study guide that is created specifically for workers who initially start their careers, beginners, and laborers. There are a variety of safety training courses, but our course is for construction industry workers. We strive so hard to make OSHA 10 training highly competitive and efficient by delivering cutting-edge safety solutions.

No doubt, Construction workers who receive safety training feel empowered and have the ability to identify, reduce, and overcome potential hazards. They even have the authority to lodge a complaint against corporations that do not follow rules set by Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

However, our OSHA 10-hour training in New York in Spanish helps Spanish-speaking construction workers to be aware of possible workplace hazards and safety protocols. Educating workers and supervisors about the most common construction-related hazards; help them to prevent themselves and others from accidents and injuries. It will result in lower fatalities. Additionally, the safest workplace boosts their confidence and increases workers’ productivity levels.

At EHS Practice, we promise that our 10-Hour New York (Spanish) construction training course gives detailed & thoughtful understanding regarding health-related problems & safety elucidations. Our OSHA 10-hour construction training in Spanish in New York removes language barriers and fosters better communication & collaboration on safety issues.

Classification of Our OSHA 10-Hour Construction New York (Spanish) Course

OSHA’s 10-hour training objective is to deliver construction-related safety protocols to employees and employers. No matter, whether you are a newbie or an experienced worker, OSHA training is mandatory for everyone. It gives you skills & knowledge to easily find out any hazardous situation while performing workplace tasks. However, OSHA’s 10-hour New York Construction training course in Spanish ensures that construction sites need to be secure and safer for laborers and must be compliant with OSHA standards.

Course Type

OSHA 10-hour construction training is classified as a premium safety training course for people who initially started their careers. Anyone who just wants a brief introduction to OSHA rules and regulations will also enroll in this safety training course. It delivers comprehensive safety education to Spanish-Speaking workers & laborers.


The OSHA 10 certification course in New York in Spanish is classified as being within the construction industry category. It focuses on safety topics & regulations that are relevant to the construction work environment.


Many workers are non-native English speakers that are working in the construction industry. So, we are offering OSHA a 10-hour construction course in Spanish to mitigate the language barrier and improve communication skills. We ensure that our safety training course is accessible for Spanish-speaking workers and empowers them to talk about the OSHA regulations and standards and feel secure while performing workplace tasks.

Interactive Quizzes

At EHS Practice, we also conduct assessments to evaluate our participant’s performance in the online safety training course. Our quizzes can be designed on the basis of real-world scenarios and events that happen in everyday life. Applicants need to answer each question with logical reasons why they choose such techniques to reduce hazardous situations. For instance, participants will be presented with a case study and they need to answer the question with the best safety measure from the available option.

Virtual Simulations

At EHS Practice, we are conducting a safety training course online. Individuals don’t need to go anywhere and anytime, they have access to enjoy the training in their comfort zone. However, our advanced training course includes virtual simulations to instruct employees to explore ideas and techniques to create a controlled and safer work environment. With virtual simulations, learners have a chance to apply their knowledge, make mistakes, and be trained from their errors without suffering practical consequences.

Time Duration

The OSHA 10-hour New York construction training in Spanish is a simple and straightforward training program that requires 10 hours on average to finish training successfully. But, a candidate only spends 7.5 hours each day which is why this training session takes two days for completion. We at EHS practice offer a safety training course online, so you can complete it anytime when you were free. You have a total of 6 months from the day you enroll in our training course.

OSHA 10-Certification

OSHA 10-hour certification is not easy to get. A participant should pay extra effort to complete their training and secure 70% marks on each quiz. At EHS Practice, we give three chances to each applicant to pass out the OSHA training course. We issue a provisional and printable OSHA certification online that act as a DOL card unless you receive your certification from the legal authorities.

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Modules of OSHA 10-Hour New York Construction Course in Spanish

We are associated with the OSHA Approved company, so our courses are highly definite that cover every topic in quite a detail to give you competitive OSHA safety solutions. As per the recommendations of the U.S. federal agency, OSHA training must be obtained from well-recognized and OSHA-approved online training providers. Our collaboration with OSHA authorized company shows; we are a reputable platform for providing safety training in New York in Spanish. Even though, you will also receive a DOL card or walled-sized provisional certification upon the completion of your safety training.

Let’s have a look at our comprehensive OSHA 10-hour training modules;

Module #1 – What Is OSHA & Its Rules

Module #2 – Considering Health Problems & Diseases

Module #3 – Recognition of Fall, Trip, & Slips

Module #4 – Safety Precaution Related To Electrical Equipment

Module #5 – Role of Employer & Employees

Module #6 – What Is Personal Protective Equipment & Its Type

Module #7 – Risk of Being Caught-In Between Or Struck By

Module #8 – Excavation Related Hazards

Module #9 – Using & Dismantling Scaffold Safety

Module #10 – Welding & Cutting

Once you register for our course there are more topics to explore! You can even get different discounts if you enroll in groups.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You need to follow some major steps to enroll in the online OSHA 10-Hour Spanish Construction course in New York;

  • Research for authorized Training providers
  • Make sure you choose the platform that offers an OSHA course in Spanish
  • Visit the website and check out their registration criteria
  • Make sure they offer the different payment method
  • Conduct quizzes and final exam
  • Offer provisional certification

Online OSHA 10-Hour Spanish Construction course in New York is usually interactive. It also depends on the training provider how they use multimedia elements that include videos, animations, interactive quizzes, exercises, simulations, and case studies. However, there are some online courses that might follow the traditional slide-based format to convey safety information efficiently.

Practices tests and interactive exercises conducted during the online OSHA 10-Hour Spanish certification course in New York to improve the understanding level of our applicants.