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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends indulging in safety certification courses.
10 HRS
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Our Highly Informative Safety Training Course

At, we strongly believe in offering and promoting the safety and health of the workplace. We ensure workers in our construction industry need to be well-trained and equipped regarding precautionary procedures. Being the most reputable and recognized OSHA construction outreach training providers, it is our responsibility to encourage our laborers and new-entry worker to get thought-provoking OSHA training. Once the workers will learn the pertinent topics and have an awareness of the hazards incidents and accident that occurs at the workplace, they understand how to mitigate and control such events.

We are the most trusted and reliable eLearning platform for offering OSHA outreach training at the most affordable pricing. Our safety training course is 100% online; you can start your classes in your comfort zone. We are offering thousands of courses that are created by authoritative safety specialists & are wholly OSHA-approved.

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About Cheapest OSHA Outreach 10-Hour Construction Course

Undoubtedly, the 10-Hour OSHA training courses online is the wisest investment for individuals and companies. If you are in the construction sector and want to prioritize making your workplace protected and secure, you need to obtain certified OSHA construction outreach training. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration notifies that every organization needs to follow the safety instructions, otherwise, they need to pay heavy penalties.

Interestingly, OSHA 10-Hour training enables workers to file against a firm who do not follow the legal laws comprehended by regulatory authorities. This training allows laborers to stay attentive and alert concerning the safety of themselves as well as their colleagues too. We ensure that our safety and health-conscious training motivates every worker to talk openly regarding workplace safety & keeping people vigilant when considering dangerous situations.

In today’s era, lots of organizations and construction firms looking for candidates who have OSHA 10 Construction certification. It means OSHA training not only helps in maintaining or safeguarding your workplace, but it also offers career opportunities, elevates your job reputation, and builds credibility.

Modules We Are Offering In 10-Hour Outreach Course

However, our 10-Hour OSHA training’s main motive is to endorse workplace safety by promoting education related to several potential hazards and safety protocols in the construction industry. At EHS practice, we designed our courses by considering the needs of our participants. Our team of experienced and authorized OSHA instructors works recklessly to provide qualitative, instructive, and efficient training. Our candidates will surely explore the diverse safety topics so they can immediately identify and take effective safety measures to overcome accidents in the workplace.

  1. An Explanation Of OSHA And Its Objectives
  2. Rights And Obligations Of Workers
  3. Occupational Duties Of The Employer 
  4. Walking And Working Surfaces
  5. Identification And Mitigation Of Slip, Trip, And Fall Hazards
  6. Using Ladders, Scaffolds, And Other High Work Surfaces Safely
  7. Routes Out Of Buildings, Emergency Plans, And Fire Prevention:
  8. Clear Exits And Emergency Protocols Are Crucial
  9. Electricity Security
  10. Identifying Electrical Dangers
  11. Using Safely PPE (Personal Protective Equipment):
  12. PPE Types And How To Use Them Properly
  13.  Hazard Communication
  14. Understanding Dangerous Chemical Labels And Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

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The OSHA training courses offered by EHS practice is fully authorized by federal agency OSHA. It shows that we created our policies, instructions, guidelines, rules, and framework according to the OSHA standards.
Once you enroll in our OSHA 10-Hour Construction Industry Outreach course, you will receive an abundance of knowledge. The course is divided into 10 modules, each of which focuses on a crucial area or facet related to the construction industry. You get knowledge of the most recent tools, methods, procedures, and strategies in the easiest way.
If you want to buy our course, you just need to register yourself first. Our registration process is not so difficult. We follow the straightforward method so our candidates easily sign up for our program. Below we mention the steps you have to follow;

  • Choose the “buy now” option.
  • This action leads you to a new page where you will need to fill out the order summary.
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How We Classify Participants’ Performance?

The evaluation criteria for the OSHA 10 Hour Construction training may differ slightly and it depends on the trainer and the type of training (in-person or online). However, we provide you a broad summary of the assessment standards for our OSHA 10 Hour Construction Outreach training course as follows:

Attendance and Participation

Attendance and active involvement in all training sessions and projects may be necessary for effective completion in a classroom environment. This makes sure that everyone is involved & interested in the information and debates.

Module Completion

Every module of the training normally covers a different aspect of safety. You might be required to finish all the modules, which might entail going to lectures, taking part in group discussions, and going over the readings.


Many OSHA 10-Hour courses contain exams or quizzes at the completion of each module that measures how well you understand the subject matter. These evaluations could be in the form of multiple-choice, true/false, or short questions with brief responses.

Final Assessments

There will usually be a final exam at the end of our training that covers the major ideas and subjects from the whole program. This test is meant to determine how well you understand general construction safety concepts.

Minimum Passing Score

You might need to obtain a minimum score of 70% on both the module assessments and the final assessment to pass the OSHA 10 Hour Construction course. This score is set by the OSHA regulatory authorities. Make sure you achieve the best score to get your certification.

Interactive Activities

You may be required to apply the safety principles you’ve learned to real-world circumstances through interactive activities, case studies, or group exercises. You need to engage in the class discussions and actively participate in each activity to improve your learning and understanding of workplace safety.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a non-English speaking worker, EHSPractice is offering OSHA training in several languages. Suppose you are a Spanish speaker, you can enroll in our OSHA 10 Spanish training.

OSHA 10 online is created for beginners or entry-level workers. It doesn’t matter whether you have experience in the construction industry or not, having your OSHA compliance training is beneficial for every individual.

OSHA training is for everyone. There is no minimum age requirement or age restriction in getting your OSHA 10 training. Make sure you enroll in credible online training providers to obtain more adequate knowledge about the safety and health concerns of employees.

Yes, you are allowed to use your OSHA 10 Construction training certification to apply for construction-related jobs It will not only boost your credibility but also help organizations in developing a secure workplace.

You are allowed to complete your OSHA 10 construction training in three to four days. But with an online training provider, you have 6 months from your enrollment to finish your safety training at your comfort level.