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Guide to Get Cheapest OSHA Training with

OSHA training is one of the key requirements in most jobs today. This is particularly common in job requirements for companies that fall under general, construction, maritime, or agriculture. But if someone isn’t getting this training through a company, then they might look for more affordable options.

That’s because some of the courses for safety and hazard prevention happen to be pricey. This is particularly common for job applications in high-profile positions in various industries. That’s why job applicants need something not only affordable but easy to enroll in as well.

So, we’re talking about cheapest OSHA courses of various kinds to ensure that you get the cheapest or most affordable option possible. This guide will walk you through the right way to understand the right course for you and pick the budget-friendly option.

What is OSHA Training?

OSHA training is workplace safety training provided by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This training aims to educate workers and employers about workplace safety and health. The 10-hour and 30-hour OSHA training programs are general courses covering essential safety topics.

However, there are other industry-specific trainings that focus on hazards unique to particular sectors. But each specific type has specific areas that it focuses on as it’s meant for specific levels of workers. Here’s a simplified breakdown of each type of OSHA training:

* 10-Hour OSHA Training: Entry-level workers, basic safety principles.
* 30-Hour OSHA Training: Supervisors, in-depth safety and management education.
* Construction OSHA Training: Specific to construction industry hazards and safety measures.
* Maritime OSHA Training: Industry-specific safety protocols for maritime environments.
* Agriculture OSHA Training: Tailored safety training addressing agricultural workplace risks.

The 10-hour program is often for entry-level workers, whereas the 30-hour program is intended for supervisors and those with safety responsibilities. Specialized training addresses industry-specific risks, ensuring participants gain knowledge relevant to their work environment.

OSHA training promotes a culture of safety in workplaces through basic and extensive training. That’s why it’s one of the pillars of helping prevent workplace accidents and injuries through comprehensive education and awareness.

Why Use To Get OSHA Training?

EHS Practice is an OSHA-certified provider of services that ensures that the applicant gets all the training necessary for workplace safety and hazard recognition. EHS Practice is focused on ensuring a proper transaction of knowledge to the applicant, be it the 10-hour or 30-hour course.

This also fuels the affordable and cheap courses offered by the organization. Now, there are plenty of other options, too, but what makes EHS Practice a leading option is its cutting-edge way of providing this training. This includes a bunch of online and in-person classes, but it depends on the applicant.

Which OSHA Course To Pick? 3 Main Choices on

All of the OSHA courses offer something that the applicant can use in workplace safety. They abide by laws implemented by OSHA, which include workplace safety, hazard recognition, and the use of proper safety equipment.

So, each course offers something, and here is a basic intro to each course:

10-Hour OSHA Training

Ideal for entry-level workers, covering fundamental safety principles to promote a basic understanding of workplace hazards.

30-Hour OSHA Training

Designed for supervisors, offering in-depth safety education and management strategies to address complex workplace safety issues.

Construction OSHA Training

Tailored for construction industry workers, focusing on specific hazards and safety measures inherent to construction sites.

5 Steps To Get OSHA Training with

The next step is to sign up for the program that you need to get. This section will guide you through the 5 steps to sign up for and complete the low-cost OSHA 10-hour and 30-hour courses from So, let’s get started.

1. Select the Program: Things To Consider

When you go to the course sign-up, you will notice many options. The six main options include:

* OSHA 10-Hour Construction
* OSHA 30-Hour Construction
* OSHA 10-Hour Construction – Spanish
* OSHA 30-Hour Construction – Spanish
* New York OSHA 30-Hour Construction
* New York 10-Hour Construction


Cheapest EHSPractice OSHA courses


Select one of these affordable programs and then head to the next screen.

2 Input The Information

Once you get to the page, you will be asked to put in the information before you continue to pay. The information page will look like this:


OSHA Course Checkout

Make sure you input the information in the right fields. It’s also important to select the state and region properly to avoid any variations of the courses that you may not need.

3. Use The Payment Options

The next step is to select the payment method. Now, this depends entirely on the applicant. It might be that the company or organization that an applicant works for has signed up for the course for them.

OSHA Payment Details

In that case, they will have to input a special promo code granted to them by their employer. So, use that promo code section.

4. Go Through the Course

Now that you have the course for a low price, you will have to take the course and take classes. It’s a 10-hour course, and that means it will take hours, and vice versa for the 30-hour one. The validity of the course is around a week, but you can finish it within a span of two days.

5. Wait for Final Assessments

The final assessments require you to take a final exam that’ll be 20 questions long. This will test the knowledge that you have obtained from the course, so make sure you prepare for it ahead of time.

Once again, you need to get at least 70% of the questions right, and only then the card will be granted to the applicant.


That’s how you can get OSHA training with for the cheapest and most affordable courses today. It’s one of the most affordable and budget-friendly websites to get an OSHA card, especially if you haven’t gotten training from your workplace.

But, it’s also an ideal option for workplaces and organizations to provide basic safety training to their workers and supervisors. Thus, making it ideal for both sides.