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Tag: workplace safety

Important Insights on Adopting Best Course Practices in EHS

Important Insights on Adopting Best Course Practices in EHS

The Environment Health and Safety courses are designed to provide you with a profound understanding of the significance of health and safety within a professional setting. Covering a spectrum of workplace hazards, the curriculum equips participants with the knowledge and skills to proactively prevent or mitigate potential risks. Comprising seven

OSHA Violations

A Comprehensive Guide on top OSHA Violations in the Workplace

OSHA publishes the iconic Top 10 list every year, and not much changes from year to year that is why companies need to consider the OSHA violation list to improve the safety protocols in the workplace. OSHA revealed the results of the Top 10 requirements most frequently cited for breaches

What Are Confined Spaces? Here’s The OSHA Definition

Confined spaces are a common element in many workplaces. However, they can pose severe risks to workers’ health and lives if they are not properly understood and managed. OSHA provides a clear definition of confined spaces and sets out certain guidlines for employers to protect their workers in such environments.

Accidents vs. Incidents in the Workplace: How Do They Differ?

In workplace safety, understanding the incidents vs. accidents distinction is not just a matter of semantics; it’s a critical aspect of creating a safer work environment.  Although the terms incidents and accidents are often used interchangeably, they represent distinct categories in the realm of occupational health and safety.  In this