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Here Are 6 Common Types Of OSHA Inspections

Employee safety is one of the mandatory for all construction and general industries. And when businesses violate safety protocols and put their workers in harm’s way, the dreaded OSHA inspections follow. According to the act of 1970 that is certified by the OSHA, assuring the healthful condition and safest environment for every employee holds utmost importance. Providing them with a standardized workplace is a basic need that not only reduces accidents or injuries, but also increases employees’ morale, productivity, and self-confidence, and builds the company’s reputation as well.

Additionally, enforcing OSHA standards and providing outreach training will establish a safe and well-being organization. In Fiscal Year (FY) 2022, OSHA performed 31,280 inspections which included 17,739 (nearly 56%) unannounced inspections that took complaints from employees, injuries and fatalities, and referral recommendations into account. 

6 Common Forms of OSHA Inspections

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OSHA inspections can happen due to a variety of reasons

In this article, we will give you a brief idea on why OSHA could knock on your door. Keep in mind that the employer won’t receive any kind of advance notice for an initial inspection. OSHA inspections begin unexpectedly.

Here are the six common inspection that employers and contractors can face. 

1. Imminent Danger Inspection 

The imminent Danger Inspection is required when OSHA receives a report on serious harm or death of any employee or when there is chemical exposure that is dangerous to health and life and can cause significant harm to an employee. So, when OSHA receives any kind of report, they will send one or more OSHA compliance inspectors to investigate the situation as soon as possible (or might be the same day).

If the organization refuses to remove exposed employees or does not address the hazard, then OSHA will take serious action and post a warning letter of alleged imminent danger. They will apply potential action so the employer makes an effort to correct the situation without any delay, such as sending a court injunction to prohibit associated work activities.

2. Referral Inspection

A Referral Inspection by OSHA is conducted when they gather news from various resources, it not only be done by former or current employees. Suppose, you allow a tour to public groups, you need to make sure that everything in the organization is done safely.  It might be possible that a tour group can contact OSHA if they observe workers being exposed to major risk. 

In simple words, Referral inspections are initiated when another agency or organization, such as a fire department or state agency, refers a workplace to OSHA due to concerns about safety or health hazards. OSHA will investigate the referred issue.

3. Complaint Inspection

OSHA may carry out a complaint inspection when an employee or representative reports workplace dangers or violations. These inspections are prioritized to address immediate safety concerns raised by employees or others.

4. Programmed Inspections

Programmed Inspections are routine inspections conducted by OSHA without any specific trigger. OSHA uses various targeting methods, such as industry-specific injury rates, and OSHA fall protection inspections, to select workplaces for these inspections. These inspections aim to ensure ongoing compliance with safety and health standards.

5. Follow-Up Inspection

After an initial inspection, OSHA may conduct follow-up inspections to verify that an employer has corrected previously identified violations. This ensures that employers have taken appropriate corrective action to address safety and health hazards. If an employer has addressed the problems found during an earlier inspection, it can be determined by a follow-up inspection. Employers are 

6. Serious Accident/Fatality Inspection 

OSHA must be notified in the event of a workplace fatality or an incident that sends three or more workers to the hospital. It will let them perform a detailed inspection on fatality or catastrophe to determine the cause and evaluate compliance with safety regulations.

What Are the Penalties of These Inspections?

In recent days, numerous metaphorical events have been noticed that were conducted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to develop a secure workplace. This agency is now permitted to impose penalties for high and serious violations of $15,625 and Willful violations of $156,259 in 2023.

Due to offering high OSHA penalties, the majority of managers and executives get more and more concerned that OSHA will abruptly knock on their doors to perform OSHA inspections. It can happen to anyone, anywhere, and at any time, for a variety of reasons. However, OSHA has legal authority over about 7 million workplaces. The organization aims to concentrate its inspection resources on the riskiest workplaces.

Still an employer finds themselves guilty of committing violations during OSHA-required inspections, they may be subjected to a number of penalties and sanctions. These penalties include fines or criminal charges if they find the death of an employee or for egregious violations, etc.

Employers must realize how crucial it is to establish a secure workplace. Businesses that disobey OSHA safety requirements put themselves in danger of paying costly penalties or other legal repercussions. Most importantly, following the guidelines protects workers from terrible job mishaps.

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